What is considered a poor credit score?

Answer Credit reporting companies use formulas to create a credit score number. Lenders use the credit score to calculate the risk they will assume in offering an individual a loan or line of credit. Scor... Read More »

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How do I improve a poor credit score?

Get your credit reports for free at You're entitled to free yearly reports under the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.Identify any negative information in your re... Read More »

What is a poor credit FICO score?

The number that is considered to be a poor FICO score will vary among creditors, with numbers as high as 679 considered poor. However, most creditors deem scores under 620 to be poor, and anything ... Read More »

Is a 568 credit score poor or good?

On One Hand: It is Very Poor.If you want an auto loan, you would likely pay an interest rate four times as high as someone with a credit score of 720. This would equate to paying around $200 more p... Read More »

Is a credit score of 672 poor, fair or good?

A credit score of 672 is a fair FICO credit score. The score will be good enough to get approved for loans, but you will usually not get the best interest rates.References:My FICO: Understanding Cr... Read More »