What is considered a good credit score for obtaining a mortgage?

Answer On One Hand: 580 for an FHA LoanStarting in 2010, the Federal Housing Administration will require a credit score of 580 for someone to qualify for a mortgage with a 3.5 percent down payment. If you... Read More »

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What is considered a good credit score for credit cards?

On One Hand: 700 to 720 Considered GoodAccording to CBS News, the median FICO in the US hovers at just above 700. As long as you have a score between 700 and 720 you should qualify for most credit ... Read More »

Is a credit score of 766 considered good?

A credit score of 766 means you have excellent creditworthiness, according to Bankrate. You should, however, be careful to pay your bills on time because as of 2009, most lenders consider 760 as th... Read More »

What is considered a good credit score for TransUnion?

On One Hand: A Good Score Is 675 or MoreTransUnion is one of the three major credit reporting agencies that use the FICO system to determine your credit score. FICO scores range from 300 to 850, wi... Read More »

Is a FICO credit score of 726 considered good?

Most lenders consider credit scores above 700 to be a good credit score, making a 726 a good credit score. However, most borrowers' scores range between 600 and 750, according to Experian, a cred... Read More »