What is considered a good GPA in law school?

Answer On One Hand: You Need at Least a 3.7 to be Doing WellAccording to the University of Virginia law blog, the median grade-point average for all students at that school is a 3.3 (B+) average. To be co... Read More »

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Is a tech school considered a postsecondary school?

The majority of educational institutions you attend after completing high school, including technical schools, are considered postsecondary. Technical schools offer training in specific careers, le... Read More »

Are federal school grants considered income?

Federal need-based grants including the Pell Grant can be considered taxable income if you are not a degree-seeking student and the money is used to pay for anything other than tuition, books, supp... Read More »

What Are Considered Business Classes in High School?

Many high school business courses are electives that students may choose to complement their core subjects. Enrolling in business courses may allow students to make concrete decisions regarding the... Read More »