What is considered a good FICO score?

Answer On One Hand: Anything over 620 is goodA borrower with a credit score over 620 should be able to qualify for any new debt he would like to obtain, making the credit score a good one. In most cases,... Read More »

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Is a FICO credit score of 726 considered good?

Most lenders consider credit scores above 700 to be a good credit score, making a 726 a good credit score. However, most borrowers' scores range between 600 and 750, according to Experian, a cred... Read More »

What is a good fico score range?

According to Investopedia, a score of 650 or higher represents an individual with a good credit history. However, it will usually take a score of 760 or higher to get the best interest rates, accor... Read More »

What is a good FICO credit score?

The determination of a good FICO is subjective, since it is based on the factors of each individual lending situation. However, a score above 620 can often lead to lower interest rates for consumer... Read More »

What is a good FICO score for 2008?

On One Hand: Best FICO ScoreThe best FICO score is 850. In February 2008, someone with a FICO score between 721 and 850 received the best loan programs and interest rates, according to Aubrey Clar... Read More »