What is considered a finished basement?

Answer Real estate agents use standardized terms to indicate features for homes. Statement of the number of bathrooms and bedrooms clearly define the home for buyers, but the term "finished basement" is o... Read More »

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Is a finished basement considered additional living square footage?

In order for an area of the home to be counted as square footage, it has to be above the grade, which means above the dew point. An appraiser adjusts the home's value based on the size of the finis... Read More »

Would a finished basement with a private room with storage for towels and sheets be considered a bedroom?

Answer Technically, for bank appraisal purposes, at least in some states, no, it would not. Finished space "below grade" should not be included in living space.

What is a finished basement?

A finished basement is one that is made into a living area. Some people put bathrooms, kitchens, recreational rooms, workout rooms, children's play areas or media rooms in their basement. People ca... Read More »

How to Waterproof a Finished Basement?

To effectively waterproof your finished basement you must solve any drainage issues on the outside of your basement walls. Installing a drainage system around the exterior of your house's foundati... Read More »