I am so confused! Would like to buy a digital camera and have seen the comparison sites but still confused?

Answer it's difficult within that budget, you may need to rethink and consider bottom level SLR's like the Nikon D40/50. But the first thing you need to do is ignore comparison sites, find a decent local ... Read More »

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Help I'm confused I need your help?

if you're texting an iPhone you can use the number. For everything else you type in the person's email address that they are using for their iMessage account. You can set up all your iMessage prefe... Read More »

Im Confused?

Most people said that you are gay. I say different. Think of dreams the same way as a computer drefraging utility. You dreams tell you things about you and the daily experience in your life. Dreams... Read More »

I'm confused!!!!!!!!!!?

Lesson learned, maybe the people answering your questions are not to be trusted? Always consider the source!

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Maybe find a way of involving him in his Mother's illegal activities or send him back to Australia he keeps saying that he would loose his family if this happens all he has to do is bring or move ... Read More »