What is confirmation of pregnancy?

Answer a test, going to your doctor so he can examine you, or missing periods

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How would you get confirmation for a fax?

You could call the place you faxed and ask them to fax back confirmation for you .... or go to staples or kinkos or whatever store and fax it again.. better to fax it twice and get the confirmation... Read More »

What is a fax confirmation?

A fax confirmation is a fax sheet that prints out with each fax sheet you sent confirming that the fax was sent to the recipient and received on their end. Some fax machines only print out a sheet ... Read More »

What Are Confirmation Cards?

Confirmation is an event in a young Catholic's person's life when he joins the Catholic Church as an adult. Catholics consider confirmation as the time when this young person receives the sacrament... Read More »

How to Have a Jewish Confirmation?

Jewish Confirmation is one of the newest traditions to Conservative Judaism, Reconstructionist Judaism, and Reform Judaism. It started among Reform Jews in Europe in the 19th Century, and was broug... Read More »