What is computer studies?

Answer Computer studies is a degree program offered by many universities that prepares people for careers working with computers. Among the subjects studied are programming, network technology, Internet u... Read More »

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What Are the Uses of Computer Studies?

Computers now play an integral part in the day-to-day lives of most people. Many people have personal computers at home and most workplaces rely greatly on computers. Even if you do not intend to p... Read More »

What can I do with a computer studies degree?

A computer studies degree can open the door to many opportunities, such as computer repair, programming, support, systems analysis and network security are only a few of the possible career choices... Read More »

Are investigator-initiated clinical studies as good as other studies?

On One Hand: Investigator-Initiated Clinical Trials Are Safe.Investigator-initiated clinical trials are just as good as company-sponsored clinical trials, even arguably better. Investigator-initiat... Read More »

Social Studies Projects for Social Studies Fairs?

The human race is fascinating to study. Over the course of several thousand years of human history, there are an unfathomable number of stories to be told. From the invention of the printing press ... Read More »