What is computer-assisted animation?

Answer Computer-assisted animation is used on an animated feature for a number of reasons. Additionally, computer-assisted animation can be used for both traditional 2D and 3D animation to enhance the ove... Read More »

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What is a computer-assisted crime?

Computer-assisted crime is committing a crime that otherwise would not occur without having access to a computer. Most computer assisted crime involves the direct theft of business and private info... Read More »

How much does a career in computer animation pay?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, careers in multi-media computer animation pay anywhere from $31,570 to $100,390 annually, with a median salary of $56,330. Pay will also likely be conting... Read More »

Computer Animation Terms?

Computer animation uses computers to create moving images. Animation may be made for computers, as with computer games and Internet cartoons; or used for TV or movies. This is called CGI -- compute... Read More »

Who invented computer animation&when?

According to Library Think Quest, computer animation was developed about 40 years ago by General Motors and IBM, who invented a computer drawing program called Design Augmented by Computers (DAC). ... Read More »