What is compost made of?

Answer Compost is made of decomposing organic matter

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What is cotton burr compost made of?

Cotton burr compost is made from the dry husks, or burrs, that surround the white cotton bolls growing on cotton plants. Traditionally left in the fields following the cotton harvest, these burrs p... Read More »

How is compost made?

In a nutshell, compost is made through the decomposition of organic matter. Once something is completely decomposed, some of the original object will have turned into gas (carbon dioxide, methane, ... Read More »

How do you make a compost container using the compost itself?

Hm. Your question is worded kind of strangely, but I think you're asking what to use and how to make a compost bin. If you are asking how to make a compost bin using actual compost as the structur... Read More »

To Compost or Not To Compost That is The Question?

Just test your stools for acidity first. Plants like a slightly basic mix.