What is comparable negligence auto insurance?

Answer If you have been shopping for auto insurance, you may have heard the term "comparable negligence." What does this term mean, and how does it affect your ability to collect payments if you have an a... Read More »

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What defense is available for a tenant with no renters insurance when a fire was started by another tenants negligence who had renters insurance?

How to Determine Comparative Negligence in Auto Accidents?

Sometimes people who have been involved in a car accident are looking for information on how to determine comparative negligence in auto accidents. The reason is that many U.S. states have adopted ... Read More »

If an out of state driver with no auto insurance has an accident in NJ is their health insurance or the NJ driver's auto insurance primary?

%REPLIES% Answer Someone's health insurance is not going to cover any injuries in an auto accident. That covered by the insurance on the vehicle. Since there wasn't any, it would appear the victim(... Read More »

What penalties does an excluded spouse on auto insurance incur once their licence is reinstated and they try to obtain auto insurance again?

ther are no penalties for the situation you describe. All drivers are subject to the same rate structure. Violations within the last 3 to 6 years depending on the insurer are generally surcharged r... Read More »