How to Write a Manifesto?

Answer A manifesto is a public declaration in written form of the objectives, perspectives and future intentions of a political group, social movement or organization. The word "manifesto" stems from the ... Read More »

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How to Be a Communist?

Communism, in its simplest form, is a theory advocating a classless society and the elimination of private property. Some of the most famous communists include Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Mikhail ... Read More »

How to Be Okay with Having a Communist Friend?

Worried that you are beginning to hate one of your friends or family members because they have told you that they are a Communist?

When did czechoslovakia become communist?

Czechoslovakia became a communist country in 1948, shortly after World War II ended. Only communists were allowed to compete in elections that year, and party leader Klement Gottwald took over as h... Read More »

What are communist beliefs about pedophilia?