Your opinions on Steelyard Commons. What do you think of it?

Answer I'm not impressed. I love to sew, and the new Walmart has no sewing fabrics, so I still have to go to another one. The Target is set up to where I get lost every time I go in it. Prices are too hig... Read More »

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How to Use Creative Commons License?

Creative Commons LogoWhen you create a written, video, sound recording, or other audio-visual work you have exclusive rights, called copyright, to that work from the time of creation in accordance ... Read More »

Can you smoke in the house of commons?

It is not advised that you light up while visiting the House of Commons. Smoking was banned in the House of Commons--which had been exempt from many similar laws in the United Kingdom because of it... Read More »

How to Donate to Creative Commons?

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that works to increase the amount of creativity (cultural, educational, and scientific content) in "the commons" — the body of work that's available t... Read More »

Wikimedia commons to wikipedia?

On Wikimedia Commons, (and mirrored on Wikipedia) the photo will have a page, titled something like "File:Example.png", where "Example.png" is the name of the file. First, find that page.Second, ad... Read More »