What is a commodity ?

Answer A commodity is any type of physical substance that can be traded or invested through futures contracts. The most commonly traded commodities are grains, foods, and metals. The pricing of the commod... Read More »

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What is a commodity code?

A commodity code is a numeric classification system used to descibe specific goods that are prepared for import or export from a country of origin. The codes are used in preparing import/export doc... Read More »

Is an annuity a commodity?

No. An annuity is a supplemental retirement account offered to consumers by insurance companies giving tax-deferred growth. Commodities are commerce goods traded through futures contracts on trade ... Read More »

What Is a FOREX Commodity?

Foreign exchange (FOREX) investors trade in foreign currencies. The value of some foreign currencies is strongly linked to sales of commodities like metals and food crops, and these are known as FO... Read More »

How to Use the Se++ Commodity Exchange?

Have extra materials lying around your Minecraft base that you wish you could trade in for cooler stuff? Or maybe you really want a lot of a particular material for a project and can't get enough o... Read More »