What is commit charge in windows task manager?

Answer The Windows Task Manager is a tool normally used to close programs that are no longer responding to the operating system. However, a user can also use the Task Manager to watch memory performance. ... Read More »

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What Is Jucheck.exe in the Windows Task Manager?

There are a few processes that run in the background of Windows while you use your computer to write, browse the Internet, get email and other tasks. One of them is jucheck.exe, a necessary file fo... Read More »

How to Fix Windows XP Task Manager?

Oftentimes when you get a virus, it disables your Registry Editor and Task Manager. You cannot get around this by repeatedly trying to open either one. To properly eliminate rogue processes, you ha... Read More »

How do I run Windows Task Manager?

Starting Windows Task ManagerWindows Task Manager is a utility built into Windows that will allow you to manually shut down processes and programs running on your computer at any time. On the most ... Read More »

How to Unlock Task Manager in Windows XP?

Running into the dreadful "Task manager has been disabled by the administrator" pop-up message when you try to launch the Task Manager is definitely annoying; however, you can solve this problem sa... Read More »