What is incinerator combustion capacity?

Answer The term incinerator combustion capacity refers to the amount of waste able to be processed and burned in a given time frame. An incinerator is a furnace that burns waste through combustion--catchi... Read More »

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What is a more commom name for combustion?

What does catalytic combustion mean?

Catalytic combustion is a method of handling exhaust in wood stoves. The exhaust moves through a ceramic honeycomb in the wood stove. The gases within the smoke burn in the honeycomb.References:Woo... Read More »

What is the average temperature of burned gases in the combustion chamber?

The average temperature of the burned gases in the combustion chamber will vary, but the exhaust gas temperature can be easily measured. If your exhaust gas temperature is higher than 1,300 degrees... Read More »

Combustion Experiments for Kids?

Combustion is the process that takes place when oxygen atoms, heat and a fuel source react with each other. Combustion is also called burning. Do not try combustion experiments without having a fir... Read More »