Spanish Color Games?

Answer Games are an effective way for students to learn vocabulary in another language. Students can memorize vocabulary and also utilize their skills at both visual and mental translation. When games are... Read More »

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What is the Spanish word for the color orange?

When discussing orange, the fruit, use the Spanish word "naranja." If you are describing the color, use the word "anaranjado." Since this is an adjective, the ending will change (-o/-a) to agree wi... Read More »

What color is the Spanish sausage chorizo?

Chorizo, a Spanish pork sausage, is a reddish-brown color. This is because Spanish chorizo contains the spice paprika, which has a red hue. The curing process chorizo goes through intensifies its c... Read More »

How to find magazines in spanish for my nook color?

dont worry bro, go and look in inmternet by typing same quwstion, and then have a cup of black cofee to relax ur self

What Color of Paint Looks Good With Spanish Tile Roofing?

The Savin 9918 was a copier manufactured by Ricoh and sold under the Savin name. It produces copies at 18 pages per minute and has several features and settings that are user adjustable. There may ... Read More »