Color guard what is the purpose of the color guard?

Answer The purpose is to spin flags or dance to music in a way that tells a story (in some cases). The guard's show basically goes along with the music in a creative way. Read More »

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What is the difference between the Color Guard and the Honor Guard?

Color Guard is the unit of persons bearing the national colors usually with two armed persons.An Honor Guard are the escort guards at either a funeral or a visiting dignitary.

What is Difference of color guard and honor guard?

Honor guard is used in the military and in some special occasions as graduations). It usually includes the American flag, rifle, state flag?, and some others. Color guard usually works with a march... Read More »

What is the color guard in the military?

It's the element responsible for the display, raising, lowering, and general maintenance of the colours (typically, flags), both national and as pertaining to that specific unit.

What is the purpose of Band color guard?

band is the audio, the colour guard is your visual