What is color deficient vision?

Answer According to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, seven percent of American men and far less than one percent of American women suffer from the condition of color deficient vision, commonly known a... Read More »

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Do color contacts change your vision color?

NO! You will see everything as you seen it before the only thing that will change is your EYE color.

What are the Navy SEAL color vision requirements?

You must not be color blind and have normal depth perception. Uncorrected vision no worse than 20/200 in both eyes. Both eyes must be correctable to 20/20. The Color requirements are also the same... Read More »

What is the name of the scope that is used to examine color vision?

The Ishihara color vision test uses a set of panels in various colored patterns to test color perception. No actual scope is necessary, although the test is sometimes performed through a standard p... Read More »

Do goldfish have color vision?

In order to see color the retina must have color sensors called cones and the brain must be able to interpret the information from these sensors. Goldfish have cones and can see color.References:CC... Read More »