What is color deficient vision?

Answer According to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, seven percent of American men and far less than one percent of American women suffer from the condition of color deficient vision, commonly known a... Read More »

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Do color contacts change your vision color?

NO! You will see everything as you seen it before the only thing that will change is your EYE color.

Do baboons have color vision?

Like most primates, baboons have color vision. Like human beings, they are trichomatic—they can distinguish the three basic pigments--blue, green and red--according to the Oxford Journals. In thi... Read More »

Do cats have color vision?

It's not true that cats see only in black and white. While they don't see as many colors as humans do, they do see in color. To them, most of the world is shades of blue and green. So while that ho... Read More »

Do apes have color vision?

Apes have color vision. Like humans and most Old World monkeys, apes possess trichromatic vision, meaning they can "discriminate between blues, greens and reds," according to anthropologist Dr. Den... Read More »