What is color changing paint?

Answer There are three types of technology that are often referred to as color changing or color shifting paint. Two involve changes from heat, while the other depends on how light is refracted and reflec... Read More »

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I want to get color changing paint for my car like in csi Miami what is it called?

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At 16 can your eye color still be changing?

ya some people's eyes change by the season or time of day, but some people are completely random. my boys eye's have been hazel for months, but every once in a while they will be bright green for a... Read More »

Why is my dog's fur changing color&thinning?

A dog's fur often reflects the internal state of its body, much the same way as skin does in humans. Causes of a dog's fur changing color and its coat thinning can range from very minor, natural is... Read More »

Eye color changing...(c details)?

Melanin is involved in eye color. This is a pigment responsible for the color of our skin and eyes. When babies are born, their eyes are either really light (bluish) or really dark (black). Some... Read More »