What is college stipend money for?

Answer you use it for things FOR school such as books, pencils, living space, etc...

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What does stipend mean for Section 8 housing?

Stipend for Section 8 housing means that the government will provide a subsidized rental cost to a private rental company to pay for your housing needs. The stipend will be paid directly to the lan... Read More »

Do Members of congress receive a stipend?

I have no money for college, what can I do?

Well There are a lot of scholarships! You may just have to look harder. I'm a senior for this year, and I have been looking for them since the 9th grade. If you look at some of the biggest companie... Read More »

What should I do to get more money for college?

Here's what I would do...First of all look into a college which is in your state. I know that going to a good school or out of state is a big deal but than again it's not so much with an undergrad... Read More »