What Are College Classes Like?

Answer The first year of college can be an intimidating and exciting time for students. Many are just coming out of high school and are wondering what to expect. College can be a learning curve for many, ... Read More »

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What is college ROTC life like?

College students may take Reserve Officers Training Corps courses as electives throughout their undergraduate career. The ROTC curriculum is offered at many colleges and universities. Students take... Read More »

I like to use my computer for online college, work, pictures, and music. What would be the best one to buy?

You need a Windows PC (online college work is likely to require PC applications), huge hard drives (photo and music work requires plenty of storage), and some serious RAM (photo and music work is R... Read More »

I would like to apply to Oberlin College by early decision but what about FAFSA?

The COST is easy, the schools annual Cost of Attendance is $52,587. Here:…The cost (of ANY school) doesn't change. All that early decision and "binding" ... Read More »

I want to move to Britain what is there culture like what are some good jobs, places to live, possibly college?

Britain is a very nice country with lots of heritage, The culture is not that different from other westernised countries. Good jobs?? Depends on what you mean, jobs are generally very good here in ... Read More »