What is collagenase santyl ointment used for?

Answer Santyl ointment is an enzymatic debriding ointment that removes or breaks down necrotic tissue (dead skin) from wounds and burned skin areas. It is safe, effective and selective (will remove only d... Read More »

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What Is Hydrophilic Ointment Used For?

Hydrophilic ointment is typically used for a base in skin formulations. The ointment is also used for making the final product easier to spread, according to Lawrence Schachner and Ronald Hansen, a... Read More »

What is Betaderm Ointment used for?

Betaderm Ointment 0.1% is used to treat skin ailments that result from a patient taking steroids to treat a medical condition. The cream can treat such conditions as eczema in adults and infants, p... Read More »

What is lidex ointment used for?

Lidex is the brand name for a topical steroid, used on the skin to combat inflammation and itching. Its generic name is Fluocinonide, and it is sold by prescription only. Lidex is used mainly for m... Read More »

What is Animax ointment used for?

Veterinarians typically prescribe Animax ointment to treat ear and skin infections in dogs and cats caused by fungi, bacteria or yeast, according to the Doctors Foster and Smith website. Animax is ... Read More »