What is coinsurance in health insurance?

Answer Coinsurance, also commonly referred to as a co-payment, is the amount of money that a patient pays for medical services after his deductible has been met. For example, many health insurance plans r... Read More »

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What Is Coinsurance for Health Insurance?

Rising health care costs have led insurance carriers to offer additional features on health insurance plans that serve to reduce monthly premiums. The concept of co-insurance is one technique that ... Read More »

If you change jobs and health insurance does the amount paid out of pocket expenses for deductible or coinsurance on old policy transfer to your new one in the same year?

I don't know of any provision for your deductible or coinsurance to be taken over if YOU change jobs. They must though give you credit against a pre-exisitng condition clause If an employer though ... Read More »

If you are an American traveling through Canada with no health insurance should you purchase health insurance for your trip?

Buy online health insurance policy from apollo munich health insurance india is safe ?

Ya, its totally safe. Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company is previously known as Apollo DKV Health Insurance Company. I recently purchased online policy from them really satisfied as the policy ... Read More »