Answer It probably was since you do not drink it except for once or twice a week. I think your body has a strong sensitivity with coffee and caffiene.Caffiene is also in many drinks and some over the cou... Read More »

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How to Do the Svengali Amusing Coincidence Trick?

In this Svengali deck trick, multiple spectators have their card revealed at the same time. This is not only astonishing, but quite amusing.

A curious coincidence about facebook?

It has nothing to do with profile views, since facebook does prohibit tracking profile views. Someone people just happen to appear on there more than others. I've had someone on there for a few pa... Read More »

Is it coincidence that 'hymen' sounds like 'Hi men!'?

trust me; it's NO coincidence. Nor is "Hys"terectomy, or "Men"opause~

I looked at this guys facebook - Now i have a friend request, wtf Coincidence or...?

Is he hot? If so, I'd take it as a sign from the gods that you're meant to be together...