PAPs/APs: What do you consider coercion?

Answer If there is no compelling reason for a mother and child to be separated, I'd be strongly inclined to believe some form of coercion was present. A compelling reason would be abuse or neglect. If t... Read More »

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Coercion, can it be a positive?

Coercion is a manipulation tactic not necessarily based on the mother or child's needs and best interests. Often the one coercing has something to gain, like um.....a baby. So no. Coercion is ne... Read More »

Were coercion techniques used when you were considering relinquishment?

oh yes...first, i was called a "birthmother" from the moment i walked into the office with my parents.i was also told that:"you're her (pamom) last chance to be a parent""you can have other childre... Read More »

For the people who don't believe that coercion exists today?

If this so called coercion does dumb does the woman have to be to not know what is happening to her? If she wanted her baby she would lay down her life for it plain and simple. If she... Read More »

What do you think of these bullet points for coercion/undue influence?

Wow, I knew you had a lot of good evidence, but I had no idea that it was THAT much! And those are only the ones that you have proof of?!?!?! WOW! That is awful, I hope (and think!) that you have m... Read More »