What is a coefficient number?

Answer A coefficient number is a number in front of a variable. Using the following equation as an example, x2-10x+25, the coefficient of the x2 is 1 and the coefficient of the x is -10. The third term, 2... Read More »

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What Is a Nominal Protection Coefficient?

The nominal protection coefficient (NPC) is the ratio between the cost of a product when entering the country and the cost of the same product throughout the nation. A high NPC is indicative of mor... Read More »

What does a coefficient of .96 mean?

A coefficient describes the degree to which a quantity is expressed. For instance, in the formula bx = y, x represents a variable. A multiplying factor, the coefficient b, relates it to y. If x has... Read More »

What is balancing point while determining the coefficient of selfinductanceof unknown coil using headphone?

mobile phone is more harmful bcoz the waves that comes from it can cause heart diseases,memory loss,sleep disorders etc.

How to Calculate Coefficient of Determination?

The coefficient of determination, R squared, is used in linear regression theory in statistics as a measure of how well the regression equation fits the data. It is the square of R, the correlation... Read More »