What is cocci meningitis&does it cause rashes?

Answer Cocci meningitis, also commonly referred to as valley fever, is an infection of the lining of the brain. The infection occurs as a result of the fungi coccidioidomycosis, or cocci, spreading from t... Read More »

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What in my swimming pool would cause sores on the bottoms of the feet or rashes on the buttocks?

You can get sores on the bottoms of your feet just from bobbing up and down on the floor of the pool. The surface seems smooth enough, but over a period of time, it will make the pads of your toes ... Read More »

Do bed bugs cause humans to have rashes?

Bed bugs do not cause humans to have rashes. Some bed bugs do bite, though. The bites show up as red, raised bumps. The bumps can be itchy, and they might resemble flea bites.References:Medicine Ne... Read More »

What would be the cause of me breaking out (swollen lips, skin rashes) for a month when eating certain foods?

Your thyroids could b a thought.your hormones can't b ruled out either.Get a secon opion.A complete blood exam.

Can novacaine or the content of a filling cause skin rashes and hives?

AnswerIf you are prone to allergies then anything that irritates skin (including gums) can cause an allergic-type reaction. And tetanus shots can most definitely cause a reaction. Benadryl every fo... Read More »