What is client server network technology?

Answer A client server network allows multiple users to access resources shared on one or more servers. Servers provide authentication (verifying who the users are) and authorization (verifying what the u... Read More »

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What Is a Client Server Network?

A client server network is a computer network where a centralized computer (the server) serves as the hub to which personal computers (the clients) are connected. A client server network enables cl... Read More »

A Description of a Client Server Network?

Since the dawn of computer networking in the 1960s, client server networks have served as mainstays for data exchange and global commerce. Client server networks are by far the most popular network... Read More »

Is the Internet a client server network?

A client server network is one in which networked computer--known as “clients"--contact a powerful, dedicated server for data, which is used by programs running locally. Web browsers and servers ... Read More »

What would a company of 40-50 employees need in order to have client/server network?

infrastructure I'm assuming your not all using dumb terminals already so you have a network setup which will have a server running. do you mean you want to access the server directly?