What is clicker training?

Answer Clicker training is a training method for animals that utilizes behavioral psychology to reward positive behavior. According to, animals associate the click sound with receiving... Read More »

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Rat Clicker Training?

Clicker training includes a command, an audible cue and a treat to generate results. Clicker training is primarily applied to dogs but is also effective as a training method for rats and other smal... Read More »

What is dog clicker training?

Clicker training is a technique of dog behavioral modification that is based on the rewarding of desirable actions, signaled by a sound created by a hand-held device called a "clicker."How it Works... Read More »

What is clicker training for dogs?

Clicker training is a method that teaches dogs to associate the sound a clicker makes with a correct behavior. It uses positive reinforcement and rewards to help dogs associate the clicker with goo... Read More »

How to Train Your Dog to Heel Using Clicker Training?

Walking a dog who pulls on the leash can be frustrating, but throwing a fit won't help anything. This article will show you how to positively train your dog to heel using clicker training.