What is classroom technology?

Answer Technology is increasingly being used on a daily basis in classrooms. Linda Starr, in an article published in Education World, says,"Integrating technology into the curriculum is a priority---if no... Read More »

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What Are the Benefits of Classroom Technology?

As technology such as iPhones, netbooks, FaceBook and Twitter are becoming more ingrained in popular culture, many educators are interested in finding ways to use technology in meaningful ways in t... Read More »

What Are Classroom Problems With Technology?

Increasingly, teachers are expected to integrate technology into their lessons. While some regularly use technology to enhance learning, others are not comfortable with it because they are rarely ... Read More »

What Technology Is Needed to Set Up a Virtual Environment in a Classroom?

While the term "virtual classroom" refers to learning via the Internet in a private location such as a home, a virtual environment in a classroom refers to Internet-based technology set up within a... Read More »

What Are the Social Issues Concerning Technology Inside the Classroom?

There is no question that students in 21st century classrooms must learn to use technology on a daily basis. The Internet, in particular, is a vital resource for information and activities for lear... Read More »