What is classification in a car amplifier?

Answer An amplifier in a car acts as the power source to your sound system. Amplifiers use the power from your car's battery and are usually specified to your speakers in order not to blow them out. They ... Read More »

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I need help finding an amplifier for my logistic Lx310 surround sound can somebody tell me what amplifier i ne?

I cant find any Info on the model & number you gave all i come up with are logitech and numbers are wrong.Need More information.If you are are meaning Logitech MX530 or similar surround.They are di... Read More »

What does EO mean with DNV classification?

Yes. While the automatic exposure algorithms are very good, you can manually set exposure (aperture and shutter speed) to get the effect you're looking for. If that isn't enough, a CHDK build is n... Read More »

What does R35 mean in the EU classification?

The R35 classification from the European Union means that the chemical in question can cause severe burns if it comes in contact with skin. This distinction comes from Council Directive 67/548/EEC ... Read More »

Silverfish Classification?

Silverfish are small insects that run so fast they appear to slither. Their bodies are segmented, flat, covered in metallic silver-colored scales and tapered toward the tail end. They have two long... Read More »