How to Recognize Cirrhosis?

Answer Trichrome stain of micrograph of liver tissue highlighting bridging fibrosis surrounding regenerative liver nodules, diagnostic of cirrhosis.Cirrhosis is the end result of liver injury characterise... Read More »

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How do you define cirrhosis?

Advanced cirrhosis of the liver can result in the need for a liver transplant or other invasive operations such as surgery to relieve pressure on veins by placing stents , or surgery to control the... Read More »

Do women get cirrhosis?

According to Family Doctor, women can get cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is caused by consuming dangerous chemicals or by hepatitis, so both men and women are at risk. In the case of alcoholic cirrhosis, wom... Read More »

How long can you live with cirrhosis if not treated?

Answer This depends on the lifestyle you lead or have led.Are you a heavy drinker? This is the main cause of cirrhosis. Do you see your doctor frequently, for review? If your skin and especially ... Read More »

Is cirrhosis caused by an autoimmune disease?

On One Hand: Cirrhosis Has Various CausesThe two most common ways people get cirrhosis are from heavy alcohol consumption and from chronic hepatitis C, with obesity becoming a common cause, accordi... Read More »