Will I be able to sit in the circus circus buffet with my family if I'm not eating/buying?

Answer Call and ask. Talk to a manager and get the persons name. Or if you are staying at the hotel ask management there. Again get the persons name. Explain that you have dietary restrictions and can no... Read More »

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How far is Circus Circus hotel from the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas?

The Circus Circus Hotel and Casino is about five miles from the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Circus Circus is on the north end of Las Vegas Boulevard, or the Las Vegas Strip, and the Luxor ... Read More »

How far away is the Sahara hotel from the Circus Circus hotel?

In Las Vegas, the Sahara and Circus Circus are less than one mile from each other on the Las Vegas Strip. The Sahara is at 2535 Las Vegas Blvd. South. Circus Circus is at 2880 Las Vegas Blvd. South... Read More »

How to Run Away With the Circus?

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How to Join the Circus?

Ever wanted to run away to join a circus? Well you don't have to - not if you really want to be in a circus! This article will tell you how to get started to swinging across the stage. (or cartwhee... Read More »