Did you circumcise your son?

Answer Just b'cause dad is cut is irrelevant to the decision, but it is your decision. I'm cut and have two sons, now both 18 and 20... who are not cut. It just isnt the normal thing to do here anymore...... Read More »

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Did/would you circumcise your son?

Congrats on your upcoming son! And kudos to you for even stopping to deliberate on this issue, as many mothers, at least in the US, don't even think twice before dropping the axe on their sons' for... Read More »

To circumcise or not circumcise ?

I have a one year old son, and I chose NOT to have him circumcised. Please remember that, even though you are his mother, it is actually HIS penis, and he should be the one to make that choice when... Read More »

Why did you choose to or not to circumcise?

had our son circumcised. for both Health reasonshere are my sourcesâ€... Read More »

Girls: Should I circumcise my son?

First of all the infant circumcision rate in the US is 50%, so no it's not the most popular thing. Also you NEVER do anything for conformity. Circumcision does serious damage and takes away a ton o... Read More »