What did Webster call his adoptive parents in the television show Webster?

Answer Ma'am & George

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What does Webster mean?

The English surname Webster derives from webba, an Old English word referring to the occupation of a weaver. The linguistic origin of the word carries with it a masculine gender.References:Behind t... Read More »

What is the best golf course near Webster, Florida?

Arlington Ridge Golf Club is the highest-rated golf course near Webster, Florida, with a rating of four out of five stars from members. Located in Leesburg, Florida, the Arlington Ridg... Read More »

Who was Dan'l Webster to Mark Twain?

Dan'l Webster is the name of a frog in the Mark Twain short story "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" (1867). Twain lived from 1835 to 1910 and wrote such classic novels as "Huckleber... Read More »

How hard is it to drink at Webster Hall in NYC?

the last time i went and im still 20 they gave me a wrist band. i guess they just looked at the year and assumed i was 21 but if that does not work, have somebody get you a drink.