What is chrome diopside?

Answer Chrome diopside is one of few choices for green gems. It is a cheaply produced, dark and vibrant green gem. Folklore suggests that chrome diopside worn close to the chest is good for health, luck a... Read More »

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What is black diopside?

There are two forms of diopside: black star diopside and chrome diopside. Chrome diopside is mined in Yakutia and Siberia, Russia, whereas black star diopside is found in India.ClassificationBlack ... Read More »

What is Russian diopside?

Russian diopside, also known as chrome diopside or Russian emerald, is a green semi-precious gemstone mined in the extreme north of Siberia. It only has become available in commercial quantities o... Read More »

Properties of Diopside?

Diopside is a mineral found in igneous rock formations and meteorites. It is similar in appearance to emerald, but typically sells for a significantly lower price. According to the Gehna Bazaar gem... Read More »

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