What is choline?

Answer Choline is a dietary substance used by the body for cell wall construction and the transmission of nerve signals. It may also has a number of other potential uses, which are currently unsubstantiat... Read More »

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Choline and Dogs?

Just like humans, dogs have nutritional needs that must be fulfilled by their diets. Choline, though not a vitamin or a mineral, is an essential nutrient that can play an important role in preservi... Read More »

How long does choline stay in your system?

Choline is a vitamin-like compound that is an essential part of the human diet and is always present in your system. Choline is used by nerve cells to manufacture a chemical called acetylcholine, ... Read More »

What is the chemical formula of choline chloride?

The chemical formula of choline chloride is C5H14NOCl. Choline is important in maintaining cellular membranes and necessary for the growth of cells in culture. The chloride ion attached to the end ... Read More »