Is there chloroform in carpeting?

Answer Methyl chloroform has worked well as a carpet cleaner (among other cleaning and degreasing applications), but due to its potential to deplete the ozone layer, an effort to phase it out began in 199... Read More »

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How to Test for Chloroform?

Chloroform is a colorless liquid used to make other chemicals. Manufacturing plants and chlorinated water released by sewage plants are the primary sources of chloroform in the environment. Due to ... Read More »

Is chloroform used in carpeting?

The chemical methyl chloroform is used in carpet cleaners because of its degreasing properties and speedy evaporation. New carpet cleaners, though, are unlikely to feature methyl chloroform since s... Read More »

Is amyl nitrate chloroform?

Amyl nitrate is not chloroform. Amyl nitrate is a prescription medication designed to provide relief to patients with angina, or chest pain. It needs to be inhaled, and works by lowering blood pres... Read More »

What household item has chloroform in it?

Back Wash All swimming pools with a pump and filter should have a back wash system. You must back wash your swimming pool filter when indicated by the pressure gauge on your filter. ANSWER 2:: Ca... Read More »