What is chlorine dioxide?

Answer Chlorine dioxide, also known as chlorine peroxide and chloroperoxyl, is a chemical used in industrial processes, and to sanitize water. Molecular formula of the substance is CL02.Industrial Applica... Read More »

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What is chlorine dioxide used for?

Chlorine dioxide is primarily used as a bleaching agent for paper, wood pulp and flour, among other materials. Many public water systems use chlorine dioxide as a drinking water disinfectant.Source... Read More »

Chlorine Dioxide Uses?

Chlorine dioxide (molecular formula ClO2) is a highly unstable light green/yellow gas. It is prepared by reacting sodium chlorite (NaClO2) with chlorine (Cl2). Chlorine dioxide gas is a strong oxid... Read More »

Can chlorine dioxide be found in the air?

Chlorine dioxide can be found in the air only in certain circumstances, due to its volatile, unstable nature. In outside air, chlorine dioxide quickly breaks down into chlorine gas and oxygen. Acco... Read More »

Does chlorine dioxide oxidize fluoride?

Chlorine dioxide will not oxidize fluoride. The oxidizing and reducing powers of chemicals are given by their oxidation or reduction potentials. The oxidation of fluoride to fluorine requires an ox... Read More »