For a memory chip size of 4096 by 8 how many pages is on the chip?

Answer No, but even if you did jailbreak it, a jailbreaked iPhone would quickly be spotted by AT and T, it is ok to jailbreak an iTouch cause AT and T won't spot it, but don't blame me if your iTouch breaks.

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Is a Toshiba Satellite A45-S120 memory chip a standard memory chip?

The Toshiba Satellite A45-S120 laptop computer takes standard SO-DIMM form factor notebook memory. It can accept SO-DIMMs of 128 MB to 1 GB in capacity in either of its two slots, and requires PC ... Read More »

What is an LSI chip set?

The chip set, says Dan Gookin in "PCs For Dummies," encompasses all your computer motherboard's chips—networking chips, graphical processing chips and chips that control peripherals. California e... Read More »

What is a Wii Key chip?

The Wii Key is a mod chip for the Nintendo Wii Console. The Wii Key hacks the Wii and allows users to use numerous features previously unavailable. Wii Keys need to be installed manually and Ninten... Read More »

What is a mod chip?

A mod chip is a device that is used to disable or modify certain features of a video game console. While mod chips themselves are not illegal, they typically allow users to do illegal things, such ... Read More »