What is "childhood" When does it end?

Answer you're still in childhood...i think it would be around 16 or 17

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What Courses Should I Take for Electives When Majoring in Early Childhood Education?

People who love children may seek a degree in early childhood education. Colleges with programs in this field offer associate, bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees in childhood education. Stu... Read More »

What does enuresis imply in childhood?

Enuresis is a cndition whereby a child who is usually toilet trained will urinate while sleeping and be totally unaware of it. Medical intervention is needed to rectify the problem. You have wet yo... Read More »

Is an Associates degree in Early Childhood Development the same as one in Early Childhood Specialist?

Yes, there is a difference. An Associates degree in Early Childhood Development (CDA), has several hours of training in 8 different areas; as with the Early Childhood Specialist you have training ... Read More »

When it comes to handling children with special needs who don't respond to ordinary guidance strategies an early childhood professional may have to do three of the following what are they?

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