What is child abandonment and neglect?

Answer Abandonment and neglect are forms of child abuse that are punishable in many states in the United States. When parents or guardians do not adequately take care of their children, they can face lega... Read More »

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Michigan Law Child Neglect & Abandonment Penalties?

In the fiscal year of 2008, Michigan Child Protective Services identified 29,401 victims of abuse and neglect. Of the 29,401 victims, 35% were under the age of four with 90% of offenders being the... Read More »

Is it considered child abandonment or neglect when the custodial parent goes to jail?

no. any minor children left in the home after or during a conviction become wards of the state. however every effort to find relatives/astranged parent who will take the minor child in until the pa... Read More »

Child abandonment laws in west virginia. if a parent has not had any contanct verbal or physical for more than 6 months. is that child abandonment?

How do you file child abandonment charges on a noncustodial father who pays child support but wants nothing to do with the child?

AnswerI don't think you can , How can a father who does not have custody over the child , abandon it?added: he's not really abandoning the child if he's paying support.