What is chiffon fabric?

Answer Chiffon fabric is a fabric frequently used for evening wear, formal blouses, scarves and trimmings. It is especially useful in feminine wear because it is lightweight, sheer and drapes well.Yarns U... Read More »

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The History of Chiffon Fabric?

Luxury fabrics such as chiffon have been used since the 1700's in Europe to indicate status and wealth. Silk chiffon is an elegant, sheer fabric with a soft drape, stretch and shimmering appearance... Read More »

Chiffon Fabric Characteristics?

Chiffon is a fabric produced with silk or polyester yarns, according to Dawn Devine Brown's website. Chiffon is a plain-woven fabric often used in the creation of night gowns, dancing costumes, wed... Read More »

When was chiffon fabric created?

Chiffon is a fabric that can contain a blend of numerous fabrics including silk, polyester or rayon. The term dates back to 1765 and is French in origin, literally meaning "rag," according to Merri... Read More »

When was chiffon fabric invented?

Chiffon is a lightweight material made of silk or nylon. The name derives from the French word "chiff," which means rag. The term developed in the mid-18th century to describe the various trimmings... Read More »