What is this food called?

Answer vichyssoise a cold potatoe and leek soup.

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Hey what is this food called?

Kraft Cheese Singles,it's a bit complicated because they are yellow but you can never quite remember the name kraft.they are my favorite on brats!

What is a pretend feast with no food called?

According to, a pretend feast with no food is called a barmecide. This word was coined from a fictional wealthy Persian named Barmecide, who offered a beggar an imaginary meal in... Read More »

What is it called when people sell food outside?

I think Street vendors is correct if any most relevant word please write here.

What is the yogurt cucumber sauce in Persian food called?

Called maast-o khiar in Persian, this cucumber and yogurt sauce also typically contains minced garlic, shallots, salt, pepper and dill weed or mint. When preparing this sauce, remember to peel the ... Read More »