Should Swiss Cheese not made in Switzerland be allowed to be called Swiss Cheese?

Answer Tecnically there is no "swiss cheese"......its called ementhaler. swiss chese is just an international name. if you go to switzerland and ask for swiss cheese, they will look at you like you are an... Read More »

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What is feta cheese made out of?

The other are right but most is made with cows milks now, you can find Greek goat feta, sheeps milk is generally from Bulgaria, it is made like most other cheese except it is press and the preserve... Read More »

What is swiss cheese made of?

Unpasteurized milk from cows that eat grass in summer and hay in winter is the main ingredient in authentic Swiss cheese, according to Swiss cheese makers also add rennet, a calf st... Read More »

What is Velveeta cheese made of?

The list of ingredients in regular Velveeta cheese are milk, milk fat, water, whey protein concentrate, whey, sodium phosphate, alginate, milk protein concentrate, sodium citrate, annatto color, ... Read More »

What is head cheese made out of?

Head cheese is made from scrap pork or calf products, including meat from the feet, head, heart and tongue. The parts are boiled to create a meaty gelatin, which is poured into a loaf pan and coole... Read More »