What is the best chapstick?

Answer I like blistex. they have a ton of them, I like various ones for different needs...daily I like the moisture splash...but sounds like you might want something like deep renewal. best of luck hun~x

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What is the main ingredient in ChapStick?

The main ingredient in the so-called classic version of ChapStick lip balm is petrolatum--more commonly referred to as petroleum jelly. Other ingredients include lanolin--derived from sheep--and be... Read More »

Guys: what do you prefer on girls lip gloss or chapstick?

I like them both. It is fun to kiss and some always rubs off..

What effect does chapstick have on rose petals?

Chapstick creates a waxy surface on the rose petals, reducing transpiration or moisture loss. The rose petals can retain more water and remain more turgid. In this way, Chapstick might help preserv... Read More »

How to Get Chapstick off a Wall?

Whoops! Accidentally got Chapstick smeared over your walls? Oh no! Quickly! Follow these steps before mom finds out!