What is chambord or kirsch?

Answer Chambord is a brand of black raspberry liqueur. It has been made in France since the late 17th century. Kirsch is short for kirschwasser, a type of cherry brandy or cherry eau de vie. Kirschwasser ... Read More »

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What is Chambord liqueur made from?

Chambord liqueur, a product of the Brown-Forman company, is a combination of blackberries, raspberries, cognac, honey, vanilla from Madagascar and the essence of Moroccan citrus peel. Chambord can ... Read More »

What is kirsch liqueur?

Kirsch is a dry, aromatic, cherry-flavored brandy that appears colorless because it is not aged in wood. Kirsch is the short name for "kirschwasser," which is German for cherry water.OriginKirsch ... Read More »

What is a kirsch drink?

Kirsch is short for Kirschwasser, which is German for cherry water. It is a cherry brandy traditionally made from sour black morello cherries. It is produced primarily in Germany, and particularly ... Read More »

What is kirsch syrup?

Kirsch is a brandy made from fermented black morello cherries. Kirsch is often enjoyed alone as a cocktail or used in cooking many sweet and savory dishes.OriginsThe colorless brandy, whose full na... Read More »