What is cesium?

Answer In the science lab cesium (or caesium) is an element. In nature it can't be found in a pure form but is locked in ores. In the hospital it may be part of your cancer treatment. In the garden, it... Read More »

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Common Uses of Cesium?

Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff discovered cesium in 1861. The element is classified as a member of the Alkali family alongside other elements, such as sodium, lithium, and potassium, and is loc... Read More »

How abundant is cesium?

Cesium is found in relatively low amounts throughout the earth's crust and the universe at large. By weight, the occurrence of cesium in the Earth's crust is on the order of 1,900 parts per billion... Read More »

How many protons does cesium have?

One atom of cesium has 55 protons. Fifty-five is also the atomic number of cesium. Cesium is a silver-colored metal at room temperature, and was originally discovered in 1860 by Fustov Kirchoff.Ref... Read More »

Is Cesium a solid?

Cesium (Cs) exists as a solid only in its pure state, or in cold temperatures. This metal easily melts slightly above standard temperature conditions, or 0 degrees Celsius, and is likely to exist a... Read More »