What is ceramic art?

Answer Ceramic art---or "pottery" as it is commonly called---has been practiced since pre-historic times. Unlike purely visual art forms, ceramics distinguishes itself by producing objects that are both u... Read More »

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What Is the Difference in Ceramic & Non-Ceramic Brake Pads?

Brake pads and shoes have come to be marketed just like any other automotive component, with slick ad campaigns, performance claims and reliability promises. This is evident in brake pad and shoe c... Read More »

Can I install ceramic tiles over ceramic tile flooring?

I don't think I would, if it is a shiny glazed tile in place now, There wont be a bond between the old and new tiles. If the current tile is a rough slate tile, maybe. Check the recommedations of... Read More »

Can you put wainscoting on a ceramic wall without removing the ceramic tile?

Wainscoting can be placed over ceramic tile but you will not be able to nail it in. You will have to use a drill bit and screws. You may have to use wall anchors in some areas.References:"Time-Life... Read More »

Is glazed ceramic tile better than un glazed ceramic tiles?

I work as floor maintenance, and I prefer unglazed tile in businesses, as they will hold wax and sealer very well. Glazed tiles are not meant to be waxed or stripped, so when a business has those, ... Read More »